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Below you will find a comprehensive list of local resources designed to support and promote healing for those in need. Whether you’re facing personal challenges, looking for professional assistance, or seeking community support, our curated collection includes valuable contacts to help you navigate your journey. These resources are tailored to address a variety of needs, so narrow your search by selecting your county from the map, and then select a category from the map. We’re here to support you every step of the way, contact us if you can’t find what you’re looking for, or just need additional guidance.

Texas & National Hotlines

Bowie Resources

Camp & Upshur Resources

Anderson & Cherokee Resources

Cass, Morris, & Titus Resources

Lamar & Red River Resources

Delta, Hopkins, & Franklin Resources

Rains, Wood, & Van Zandt Resources

Gregg, Harrison, & Marion Resources

Smith Resources

Rusk Resources

Henderson Resources

Panola Resources

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Reportable Incidents Include:

  • Death of a child
  • Child is in a life-threatening situation
  • A significant change in a child’s medical condition
  • Psychiatric hospitalization
  • A child who is missing from care and placed on the Amber Alert system returns to care
  • Natural disasters where children are displaced
  • Suicide attempts
  • Injuries requiring medical treatment including psychiatric hospitalization
  • Runaway incidents
  • A caregiver/staff member or child contracts a communicable disease
  • Commission of a Crime, including those committed by youth or crimes occur at a home or facility in which youth are placed
  • Allegations of abuse, neglect or abusive treatment
  • A child’s abuse, neglect, or exploitation.
  • Allegation and/or confirmed child-on-child physical and/or sexual abuse.